Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do I have to become a resident of Barbados?

  • No. Non-nationals are welcomed to make Barbados their home and there are no restrictions to non-nationals purchasing real estate in Barbados. There are also no capital gains or inheritance taxes in Barbados.

  • Non-nationals, who wish to stay in the island for period longer than six (6) months continuously, may require a Special Entry & Reside Permit. Click here for more information.

+ What are the tax considerations and is there any benefit in pursuing Dual Citizenship?

  • There is no benefit of Dual Citizenship for property ownership. However, should you wish to receive tax advice, your Ownership Representative will be happy to refer you to a local Tax Advisor.

+ Do I have to maintain a certain amount of money in a Barbados bank account?

  • No.

+ At what point should I retain the services of an attorney-at-law during the purchase?

  • It is not necessary to retain the services of an attorney-at-law, as ownership of The Crane Private Residences is a Right to Use held in trust by First National Trustee Company (FNTC) in the Isle of Man, until the year 3000.

  • The property can be willed, transferred or sold at anytime. The Trustee ensures that there is no debt, prior ownership or lien on the property. Click here for more information.

  • Should you still wish to have an attorney-at-law review the Purchase Application, your Ownership Representative will be happy to refer you to a local law office.

+ Do the Residences come fully furnished and is this included in the purchase price?

  • The Crane Private Residences include appliances only. However, your Ownership Representative will be happy to go through options for furniture packages and can recommend local décor companies.

  • Our furniture packages are comprehensive, including everything from cutlery and crockery to linens and wall art. If interested, please contact your Ownership Representative for a quote.

+ Currently, there is only A/C in the bedrooms but can I add A/C to the living areas?

  • Yes. Provisions have been made in the design of the residences for the inclusion of additional A/C. If interested, please contact your Ownership Representative for a quote.

+ What is the Fee Structure?

  • Residents are obligated to pay Community Fees and Residence Fees, collectively known as “The Fees”.

What is included in the Community Fee?

Specific to the Private Residence:

  • Insurance on building

  • Property Taxes

  • Maintenance on external building and common areas, including Private Residence elevators and entrance gates.

  • Cable TV

  • In-residence high speed WiFi

  • Free long distance phone calls (from Landline to Landline, to most countries)

  • Utilities related to common areas: elevators, landscaping, garage and external lighting

  • Personalised encoded alarm systems with video communication with guests in lobby

  • Hard wired addressable smoke detection

  • CCTV in underground garage

  • Garbage collection

  • Consolidated Fund

  • 10% Management Fee

The Community Fee also contributes towards a proportional share of the following Resort Services & Amenities (reduced for long-term residents but if Residence is rented to transient guests a Resort Fee per day applies to receive the below services)

  • Gated Entry – armed 24/7

  • Free WiFi across Resort

  • Full usage of The Village & Fitness Centre

  • Beach Elevator

  • Beach chairs, umbrellas and beach service

  • Two Flood Lit Tennis Courts

  • Complimentary Use of Kids Club

  • Maintenance and full usage of architecturally designed cascading pools with waterfalls and acres of lush tropical landscaping

  • Front Desk Services including Concierge, Bell Desk and Check-ins with Welcome Rum Punch

  • Ability to charge Food & Beverage and incidentals to residence

  • Access to Resort Service to report/request Maintenance and Housekeeping services (additional costs may apply for these services)

What is included in the Residence Fee?

Residence Fees are accrued on a per Residence basis and assessed based on individual usage and include:

  • Electricity

  • Water

+Can a Special Assessment be added to the current Fee Structure?

  • The addition of any Special Assessment to the existing Fee Structure will be subject to a majority vote by the Community Association.

  • However, The Crane enjoys a stellar track record in the development and operation of sea-front resort property and this expertise was employed in creating the existing fee structure. It is not expected that Special Assessments would be required in the foreseeable future.

+Will The Crane assist with the rental of my residence?

  • Yes. The Crane will market and provide reservation services for an Owner’s Residence for a Marketing Fee of 15% of net revenue of bookings generated by The Crane.

Can my guests have The Crane’s resort experience even though they will be staying in The Crane Private Residences?

  • Yes. The Resort Fee is designed to cover services of The Crane Resort specifically for guests utilising your Residence.

  • The Resort Fee is determined by The Crane in advance, based on the prorated coast of providing Resort Services that are not charged in full to Owners as part of the Community Fee plus a mark-up.

  • Resort Services will generally include the following for the benefit of Residence Guests:

    • Reservations will be included in Crane’s master reservation system;

    • Front desk check-in;

    • Rum or fruit punch and cold towel on arrival;

    • The ability to leave a credit card on check-in, which will enable Guests to charge F&B, Spa and incidentals to their room account;

    • Telephone calls through the Resort telephone switchboard;

    • Collection of funds due from Residence Guests, including by credit card;

    • Bell desk service including assistance with luggage to the room & room orientation;

    • Concierge services for assistance with booking tours and other services;

    • Access to Resort Service for queries or reporting room engineering issues. (Required parts and labour are charged as part of the Residence Fee. Rates are based on estimated costs (including overheads) plus 15%).

    • Guest newsletters and Resort communication (relevant information, updates, notices of events on the resort during their stay, etc.);

    • Invitations to weekly “Manager’s Cocktail Party”;

    • Business interruption insurance;

    • In event of a problem with the residence, Residence Guests will be relocated (based on availability) to another Crane Resort room/residence at the net room rate;

    • Residence Guests will have free access to Wi-Fi, and free long distance calls;

    • IT support for Wi-Fi related issues

    • Residence Guests will have full access to the Crane pools;

    • Residence Guests will have full access to Beach Chairs & umbrellas;

    • Beach Towels will be available to Residence Guests at the pool and beach (Towel card system in effect);

    • Residence Guests will have full access to the Fitness Centre.


  • Resort Services will generally include the following for the benefit of Owners:

    • Public Liability insurance relating to occurrences in your Residence

    • Business interruption insurance

    • Upon departure from the Owner's Private Residence, an inventory and room inspection will be completed for the Owner. Missing items may be charged to Residence Guest.
    • Value Added Tax (VAT) refund filings on payments received from Residence Guests will be made by The Crane on behalf of the Owner.

+Can I rent the residence on my own?

  • Yes. If you opt not to use The Crane’s Rental Management Programme, you are free to rent your residence privately.

  • The Crane will provide a Residential Rack Rate Guide for all Owners who opt to rent their residence privately.

  • Unpublished rates can be set at any amount as determined by the Owner; however, Owners who offer a rate that is published in a public mass media forum, that is less than the Residential Rack Rate Guide, will not be entitled to purchase Resort Services and will not be included in The Crane’s marketing promotions.

  • The Crane will supply a selection of photography and advertising copy for the Owner, which accurately portrays the villa/vacation experience; however, all promotional and advertising material related to The Crane is subject to review and must have the written consent of The Crane prior to any insertions in any public media forum.

  • The Crane reserves the right to cancel its marketing services if it, in its sole opinion, deems an Owner to have damaged the reputation or business of The Crane Resort or the Residents.

Can my residence be included in the Rental Pool for Fractional Owners?

  • No. The residences available to Residential Owners are not standardised and as such these will be treated as villa rentals through The Crane’s Rental Management programme, where rental profits are directly attributed to the individual residence.

+Do the rules and regulations of ownership in The Crane Private Residences differ from those of the Fractional Ownership programme of The Crane Resort?

  • Yes. There is a unique contract and a distinct set of rules and regulations.

+Will there be an Owners Association?

  • Yes. There will be a Community Association consisting of, and governed by the Residents to act in the best interests of the community.

+Will The Crane provide services such as daily housekeeping, if desired?

  • Yes. The Crane will provide an additional Menu of Services from which Owners can select and pay for services such as daily housekeeping and appliance repairs.

+Are pets allowed?

  • No. We regret that we cannot accommodate pets within the Residences or within the Resort.